Leadership Really Matters

18 months on, my belief that leadership really matters has been reinforced almost every day.

In a world where change is constant, often chaotic and unpredictable the skills of leadership at every level of the business, team or family are becoming increasingly valuable. In this new world where over 80% of young people in primary school today will be doing jobs that don’t exist yet and as a result today’s senior, middle and junior managers will be managing people in jobs that don’t exist yet.

So, how can we develop the necessary skills, attributes and competences in young people not yet in work, new starters and aspiring leaders such that they can thrive and grow in this increasingly complex and challenging environment?

Traditional education models often fall short of providing what young people are going to need. I believe that if we can instil in every youngster a love of learning, curiosity, honour, courage and genuine leadership skills, then they will be able to thrive no matter what their world throws at them and in the new business paradigms that are emerging.

For existing staff they will need to develop a growth mindset, one in which they can recognise and value the paradigm shift that is coming and will incorporate advanced technology solutions and instant access to information. All this whilst not losing the ability to really listen to what is being said and further develop the skills of an empath.

Since I established my business I have increasingly found that the tools that I learnt, both as an elite sportsman and as a coach of elite sportsman, have real and tangible relevance in supporting businesses and their people in achieving both their personal and business goals. Team building, leadership, followership and constantly supporting and earning the trust of all of your team mates, support staff and managers. Equally that every team needs a number of leaders, not just the captain.


Interestingly it has become very clear that businesses need to understand and to some extent support their staff in both their work and their nonwork challenges. The people that we lead and motivated by a number of things which include effectively managing the tensions that exist in their nonwork lives and at work. As a result it is really important for businesses actively promote healthy lifestyles, both physical and mental; and recognise that they can only employ the whole person, not just the bit that comes to work and then goes home.

Over the past 14 months I have completed the master’s level Advanced Executive Coaching programme, a Counselling skills programme and have recently embarked upon a Narrative Based Coaching programme, again at Master’s level. I have not undertaken these to gain more letters after my name, rather to continuously learn practically how to improve my ability to support individuals and teams through the significant challenges they face. All of these learnings have given me both the practical tools and the unpinning theory of how to up my game to support my clients. That said I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the programmes, the new people I have met and the positive impact I have seen when using the new skills. The value of my coaching role in partnership with the business and individuals I work with is both tan.