My ethos is that leadership matters

I really believe that leadership matters, and in a world of continuous, often chaotic and rapid change it is clear that managers will not be enough – Leadership matters, more and more to deal successfully with the unexpected and to inspire their teams to achieve great things.

In all of my work, both professionally and personally, I have worked to lead and coach the skills needed to deliver the leaders of the future. I work with senior executives, organisations, with young people and with individuals to help them focus upon self-leadership, followership and enabling them to reflect upon their core skills, including emotional intelligence.

I have worked across a broad range of business sectors that include cleantech; financial services, voluntary organisations and government and I understand the value of leadership and coaching skills. Working in partnership with all types of leaders has given me the experience and insight into the best practices to inspire workforces and increase productivity. I’ve also played, led and coached elite sport.

In this new world, over 80% of young people in primary school today will be doing jobs that don’t exist yet, and you will be leading them! I would argue that equipping our young people, and our current managers and leaders with the four pillars of: resilience; a love of learning; curiosity and leadership skills, will enable all of them to thrive in their future and our uncertain world, no matter what comes their way.

Leadership is not a job title, it is a set of skills that can be developed and honed. Self-anointed Senior Leadership Teams may not be what they espouse. I believe that leadership is caring about the people around you. Leaders inspire others to be the best they can be; leaders aspire to be the difference that their business and their personal lives need.

I really do believe that investing in leadership and coaching skills, coupled with developing the four pillars is the only way to bring satisfaction and meaningful engagement into the way in which we work and into our non-work life. If we do, your world and mine will be a better place for ever. If you find this interesting, let’s have a coffee soon.